The management team of BMS has an extensive worldwide knowledge of the consulting, capacity building, learning and development services. Together they bring numerous years of professional experience and knowhow in different disciplines across industries and sectors.
They are all seen as thought leaders and have earned reputations as leading experts and have worked in private corporations, government, civil society organisations and academia
Their diverse backgrounds, broad industry experience and a commitment to client relationships allow us to offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist clients across the business cycle – from proactive risk management to the ability to respond rapidly to unexpected events and dynamic environments. The management team consists of:
Charles Golding, Senior Partner and CEO
Carlis Douglas, Senior Partner and Director of Programmes
Bill Healey, Senior Partner and Director of Consulting Services
Bala Sanusi, Senior Partner and Director EMEA
Professor Hans Adriaans, Senior Partner and Managing Partner
Professor Hans Adriaans
Senior Partner and Managing Partner
Bala Sanusi
Senior Partner and Director EMEA
Dr. Bill Healey
Senior Partner and Director of Consulting Services
Dr. Carlis Douglas
Senior Partner and Director of Programmes
Dr. Charles Golding
Senior Partner and Chief executive officer


The BMS is distinguished by the clarity of our insights and the credibility of our team members, who are seasoned consultants, experts and facilitators from the academia, private and public sectors, and each is committed to professionalism and excellence in all of our work.
We maintain affiliations with leading international academics and highly credentialed industry specialists who serve as experts on many client engagements. They bring to our team academic and research expertise as well as strong industry credentials.
We also have a pool of specially selected associate consultants and small consultancy partners, and this enables us to select consultants for assignments based on their being the best for the job.
We sustain a flat organisational structure, where consultants work side-by-side with world-renowned experts. Our team learn from one another, and we leverage each individual’s strengths to provide clients with the best project or programme team.


Our Team Outline

Our Consultants, Facilitators and Industry Experts – We have some of the best and already over 500 of them
Talent Pool 40% Consultants, 30% Facilitators 30% Industry Experts
Consultants Many have had experience at top consultancies such as Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PWC and McKinsey
Facilitators Dominantly with a background from the world’s leading institutions of learning such as Harvard, INSEAD, Oxford, Cambridge, London Business School, Cranfield School of Management and Henley Business School.
Industry Experts On average with more than 20 years industry experience.